How It Works

Champlain Valley Jobs is a Very Powerful Tool when promoting your recruitment message.  Our method combines your employment listing on Champlain Valley Jobs with a broadcast commercial campaign, promoting the listing, strategically placed across 7 Radio Platforms that reach an audience across Northern New York, Northern & Central Vermont and Northern New Hampshire.  An incredible recruitment platform reaching thousands of potential candidates, some who may be interested in your message!

  • Your Listing will be promoted across multiple platforms.  ON-AIR and ONLINE.
  • is the only Digital Platform with the Promotional Power of 7 Radio Platforms.
  • Credibility!  Our Heritage will lend credibility to your Recruitment Message!
  • An Award Winning Creative Services Team!  Our creative has won multiple awards and we will share this creativity with you!
  • High Frequency and Early in the Week Strategy.  People are most unhappy with their job on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  Monday Mornings are the worst.  Our Strategy will kick off the week with your message on multiple platforms!
  • Effective and Efficient!  The combination of ON-AIR and ONLINE is a unique opportunity that has proven results and is very cost efficient. 

It’s a simple process and starts by reaching out to our team.   Send an email with your recruitment information to to get started.  At Champlain Valley Jobs, It’s More than Just a Listing.