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It’s not often that you hear of a company that recently celebrated three 50 year anniversaries.  This is Tivoly in Derby Line.  Tivoly is the place where once you start, you’ll want to stay until retirement … and lucky for you, they actually have job openings!

Start as a machine operator at this high speed steel cutting operation in Derby Line.  They’re hiring for all three shifts.  No experience necessary, except for a great attitude and a willingness to work.  Dual citizenship is a plus!  Interested yet?  Call Julie at 873-6026.  That’s 802-873-6026.

These positions come with excellent pay, incrediable benefits, including raises every six months, and the job advancement potential that comes with Tivoly’s International Officies, yet they’re still family owned and the CEO knows everyone by name.  This is an opportunity you cannot pass up.

Call Julie today at 802-873-6026.